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Cinnamon and Chocolate Mousse    

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Cinnamon and Chocolate Mousse

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This is an excellent recipe.  It has a rich chocolate with added cinnamon flavor.  Chocolate fans will love the taste of cinnamon in their mousse. 


9oz of dark bitter chocolate (either crushed or grated)

1 cups of whipped cream

1 teaspoon of cinnamon (powdered)

1 tablespoon of dark cocoa powder (unsweetened)



Place 9oz of grated or crushed chocolate into a large bowl.

Carefully pour cream (whipping) in a separate pan and heat it on a low flame till it almost starts boiling. 

Remove the pan from the stove and keep aside to cool.

Add broken chocolate pieces and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.  Take another pan and melt the chocolate mixture.  Keep stirring till it melts and becomes a smooth mixture.

Remove the pan and let the chocolate and cinnamon mixture cool. 

Once it is mixed well keep it aside covered.

Take the remaining cream and use an electric mixer or a blender and fluff it well.  The cream should be lifted and should also remain stiff.   

Combine the entire chocolate mixture well.  Add the remaining whipped cream to the chocolate mixture and using a spoon (wooden) blend well.    

While blending gradually add 1 tablespoon of dark cocoa powder. 

Continue blending till the cocoa powder is completely dissolved. 

Pour the mousse into a serving bowl and refrigerate for 6 hours.  If the mixture is poured into separate bowls it might take up to 4 hours to set.   

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Cinnamon and Chocolate Mousse
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